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MARKTHOMAS Double Bend Glassware Collection


to satisfy those seeking an unrivaled tasting experience for fine wines and spirits - to excite and to elevate with cutting edge, contemporary design - to differentiate from mass-produced, industrial glassware


to please all senses through exceptional glassware - hand-blown from lead-free, high quality crystalline - created in traditional  glass manufacturing facilities in Europe


to reflect century spanning craftmanship in all of our glass ranges  - and handed down from one generation of artisans to the next



experience the difference  -  discover the passion

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"I have been using the Double Bend Allround glass by MARKTHOMAS for over six months and I must say that I am extremely satisfied with both the quality, price and the impact on our guests. This particular glass offers a unique shape which gives the wine immediate aeration and makes it stand out from other competitors. I look forward to enjoying future glassware made by the innovative MARKTHOMAS brand."

Clement Robert

UK Sommelier of the Year 2013
Head Sommelier Medlar Restaurant

"When I tried wine out of the [Double Bend Allround] glass—and I often taste the same wine out of four or five glasses—what I noticed was how focused the aromatics were, especially when tasting more delicate varietals."

Ryan Arnold

Sommelier | Wine Consultant | Entrepreneur
Chicago | Austin | Aspen

"We are impressed by the innovative design and quality that MARKTHOMAS delivers.  The  Double Bend Allround glass  is well received in the Asian market since launch."

Kevin Li

Chief Sommelier Schmidt Vinothek
Hong Kong

MARKTHOMAS Double Bend Glassware | handmade wooden mold




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