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                        finest handcrafted glassware

MARKTHOMAS works with local and international glass designers and architects in the creation of its various glass ranges.


While the quality of the raw materials has improved and become more varied over the decades, the manufacturing process of a mouth blown glass still remains very much unchanged.


Established by the Venetian glass making tradition in the 11th century, the manufacture of high quality, hand-made glassware expanded to Continental Europe in the 12th and 13th centuries.


Even today artists in the glassmaking trade still draw on the experience and tradition of their ancestors.


The creation of our glassware  requires the technical understanding and years of expertise acquired by these highly skilled glassblowers, to assure a robust quality and consistent design.


And by strict definition, each glass is singularly "unique" - a result of the small nuances as each is created by hand.


Careful consideration has been given to the design of each MARKTHOMAS glass.


To create an elevated tasting experience was the ultimate objective, while appealing to the visual senses in each glass design and creating aesthetically pleasing, architecturally sculptured stemware.


All glasses are handcrafted with a view to best showcase each high quality wine and enable it to air, exhibit its color and, at the same time, maintain its freshness.


MARKTHOMAS glasses meet today’s requirements for both professional as well as personal use.


We have shipped our products globally to hotels, restaurants, wine bars and other high frequency wine tasting establishments with excellent results.


Our designs were created to assure optimum robustness, and compare favorably to industrial machine glasses when it comes to ease of cleaning, durability and longevity.


A MARKTHOMAS lead-free crystal glass is perfect for every special occasion, while designed for everyday use.

Due to the exclusion of lead oxide in each manufacturing step, frequent washing should not cloud the glass nor reduce transparency of the crystalline.

Although considered "dishwasher safe," we recommend hand-washing of our lead-free crystal glassware, to safeguard their superior quality over time.


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